We work to provide a local warranty and service

The product series in different countries differ not only in languages.
Localization and adaptation of ChargeU products is due to the difference in the standards of power grids, wiring, connectors of electric vehicles.
Modifications and complete sets
ChargeU devices is adapted to the specifics and needs of local markets. Modifications of products, their configuration and additional functions may vary from country to country. Their quality and reliability remain unchanged.

Quality and functionality of products are confirmed by long-term testing in different conditions
The local representatives of ChargeU are engaged in adapting the products. Also, warranty and post-warranty service is available to consumers. Please note that before using the products, carefully read the operating instructions of each device that you plan to use in domestic or commercial conditions.
The products use the best materials and components to ensure maximum reliability. Particular attention is paid to the production of charge controllers, because battery health is an important factor in the use of electric vehicles.

Quality. Reliability. Durability.

Your charging device may be restored

ChargeU devices is created for long-term use and is maintainable. If the device is damaged or does not work, contact your local service provider or your device dealer. You can find the necessary contacts in the operating instructions or additional documents for the equipment.