Accessories will always be in good condition

Charging by ChargeU is made easier thanks to additional accessories.
They improve connection, installation and storage.

Adapters and extenders

Adapters for charging stations allow you to charge from different types of electrical networks without replacing sockets. Extension cables increase the distance to the connection points without loss of power.

Mounts and holders

They allows you to use charging stations as temporary wall-mounting and stationary solutions.

Sockets and connectors

They help replace existing household outlets. Also necessary for the installation of separate lines for 1- or 3-phase charging.


It is necessary to protect the power lines from short circuits, leakage current. This will additionally secure the use of charging devices.


Convenient solutions for storage, transportation of your charging equipment. They additionally protect against the ingress of dust and moisture onto the charging devices.

Local contacts

To check the availability of accessories and delivery methods please contact local representatives.