ChargeU mini-series

The simple solution

This is a series of stations for charging electric and hybrid vehicles from household electrical systems. Can be used both portable and stationary. Managed via Wi-Fi connection from a smartphone, tablet, computer.
The stations can be charged with power from 1.4 - 3.7kW / hour (~ 25km / hour) with the possibility of remote control during charging.


Select the modification that corresponds to the connector of your electric vehicle

Charging in your smartphone

Now there is no need to turn on the car or view its indication. Now charging is in your smartphone. If it is important for you to know the status of the car or the electrical network, you can do it without approaching the car.

To regularly charge, it is enough to configure the device once. To change the charging settings, simply connect to it. Does not require an Internet connection.

The station interface contains information about the status of the charging session, data on the change in amperage, voltage and power consumption. The duration of the charging session is fixed. The settings screen allows you to control the power of the station, its indication, the earth test.

The interface language is English. Additional languages are installed in accordance with local markets.


You can independently use the charging process by selecting additional accessories.

Additional functions

Stations can have additional functionality depending on the country of distribution.


The consumed power meter of a separate charging session and the total

Station Protection

Possibility of one-time turn on / off charging

Stealth mode

Disabling the charging case indication


The ability to set the time on / off charging


Choose the types of connection to the mains that you will be comfortable using

Mini - a series of the most compact charging stations

The form factor of the stations is only 5 inches, the weight is just over 2 kg. The station is made in a housing with a degree of protection IP67. This allows them to be used in rain or snow.
Supports charging even from very weak mains. This makes it possible to charge from household extensions. The stations have double-circuit protection, including electric shock. It will protect you, children and even pets.
This is a good alternative to original chargers.