ChargeU combines environmental thinking and smart technology

We care about the future and support the European Strategy for low-emission mobility
Our team has created products for electric vehicles and improves them

In 2011, a team of electronics engineers in the city of Dortmund began work on the creation of personal charging equipment for electric vehicles. Work on the program part started by the California team project ChargeU. A prerequisite was the decision of the German government to develop and operate electric vehicles, which aims to increase their number to 1 million by 2020.

At that time, the number of cars used for moving the battery was about 2500. The most popular German car in that year was the plug-in hybrid Opel Ampera.

The era of electric transport was only nascent. Infrastructure charge was not developed at all. Standard electric chargers are not very practical, especially for long journeys. And travel enthusiasts who traveled not only within Germany, but more and more.

Already next year, the German Spaniard Raphael de Mestre became a vivid example of the traveler, who traveled electric cars around the world for 120 days.

The first prototypes were the most difficult tests in real terms of use. We had to remove those components that did not withstand loads or different conditions of use. For 4 years of tests and refinements, step by step, managed to bring the development to a reliable product. On November 17, 2015, a product called CHARGEU was born. Subsequently, different types and modifications of chargers were created.

The CHARGEU Mini, CHARGEU Base, CHARGEU Pro product ranges have been created thanks to the four years of experience with the use of devices and accessories.

The CHARGEU team does not stop there and continues to work on improving products. Adding new features creates new, comfortable accessories. CHARGEU's production facilities are located in Germany and Poland. Adaptation and technical support are provided by regional representatives, which makes it easy to integrate handy solutions into home systems or commercial projects.

The main mission of the project was the development and popularization of convenient adaptive solutions for charging electric vehicles. The CHARGEU devices are designed to make life easier and make the use of the electric vehicle comfortable.