Commercial charging stations are created for public use

For their work, it is not necessary to connect to the global network. They do not need additional operators. You can manage the work of the school and limit the payment yourself.

EV Charging business

The stations are designed for use not only in the premises a and in the open space. There is no need to additionally buy special external enclosures. It is enough to fix the station with the wall mount.

Setting up and controlling the station is available both remotely in the coverage area of the Wi-Fi network of the station and by connecting the station to the global network via an Internet access point.


Vehicles do not need additional cables for charging at these stations. It is enough to plug the plug into the connector of the vehicle.


You independently set the tariff for charging services. Current and previous charging sessions are saved in the log.

Optimal power

Optimum use of available capacities. The maximum charging power of most electric vehicles is close to 7kW. The average charging speed is 50 km / h, which is enough to accelerate the charging of most vehicles

Group installation

Three-phase wiring at once 3 charging stations instead of a single three-phase gives you the ability to simultaneously charge three cars. This is the most practical solution with the most popular power consumption.

Business Solutions

Convenient solution for the HoReCa sphere with the possibility of one-time activation and shutdown of the charging process for visitors' trashpotrnyh facilities with the submitting of bills for the charging service.

Fleet management

The station is convenient to use for charging commercial EV fleets. The operator can monitor the status of charging vehicles, inform drivers and the final stages of charging each vehicle.

Charge Sharing

The station can be used privately to charge several subscribers and the possibility of internal settlements. This will make it possible not to be wasted on charging your transport.

Multilevel access

Access to the functions and sections of the station can be differentiated. This makes it possible to integrate the work of the station into your business processes.

Public station

The housing has a display screen with a display of power consumption.
The proprietary Ultraflex cable retains its elasticity at extreme temperatures.
The station at theft is unsuitable because it is in a locked condition. All stations have unique serial numbers and a personal display. This makes it impossible to use it in the future.

Public interface

The main display screen can be opened for customers. Thus, users will be able to remotely monitor changes in charging status, characteristics and charging cost. When you connect the charge to the next vehicle, the previous one will also be available.
ChargeU Commercial stations will become a simple and comfortable addition to your business.

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